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SES Services

Supplemental educational services (SES) are additional academic instruction provided outside of the regular school day and designed to increase the academic achievement of students attending schools in Program Improvement (PI) Years 2 through 5. SES, or free tutoring, must be high quality, research based, and specifically designed to increase student academic achievement. Eligible students are all low-income students who attend Title I PI Years 2 through 5 schools.  Please visit the District website Parent page for the 2015 applications.

Everyday Math Online WOrkshop

Valleydale parents attend an Everyday Math parent workshop to learn how students can access online math resources tied to the classroom math curriculum. Students are able to access games online, access math tools, use their math reference book, access homework sheets, and review the day’s lesson. Ask your child about the EM4 dashboard!

Everyday math Parent Workshop

Valleydale families participated in a hands on math parent meeting in order to see what students are learning in their classrooms.  Parents collaborated using base ten blocks to add and subtract two and three digit numbers.  Parents had fun, learned, and shared strategies to solve problems. We thank our parents for their support!



Good attendance is directly related to achievement. All students are expected to attend school every day. Please let students know how important it is to be at school on time. Absences will be excused for these reasons only: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, medical appointments and death in the family.

Congratulations to Mrs. Alejandra Casillas, Valleydale's Parent of the Year 2017-18
Parent of the Year.

We thank Mrs. Casillas for her commitment and support of our school! Her positive attitude and welcoming smile make Valleydale a great place to learn!

Family Math Morning 2017-18

Families in School Parent Workshop

Family Math Morning

Coffee with the Principal

welcome school
We Welcome Visitors

When visiting our school you must check into the office.  You will then be given a Visitor Pass. You are welcome to visit, and we encourage you to volunteer.

If you need to check your child out early from school, please come to the office.  You will need to sign them out, and then we will arrange for them to come to the office.

We Welcome Volunteers


Program Improvement

Valleydale has been identified as a Program Improvement School.  Once a school has been identified, the district is required to provide students attending that school the option of transferring to another school within the district that is not identified for Program Improvement.  If you have any questions, please contact the principal.

Valleydale PTA Hard at Work
PTA Red Ribbon Event